Villa Rasa Senang rates per night

Low season Rate
Room 1 €120
Room 1+2 €150
Room 1+2+3 €180
Room 1+2+3+4 (+extra zwembad + extra living) €279
Mid season Rate
Room 1 €140
Room 1+2 €175
Room 1+2+3 €210
Room 1+2+3+4 (+extra zwembad + extra living) €325
High season Rate
Room 1 €175
Room 1+2 €210
Room 1+2+3 €245
Room 1+2+3+4 (+extra zwembad + extra living) €375

*excl. 11% government tax

Minimum stay 5 nights

Minimum stay highseason 7 nights

High season data: months July and August, December 15th to January 15th

Mid season data: April 20th to May 12th, month September, October 12th to 28th

Data low season: Other data

The quantity of rooms that you rent are accessible. The rest of the rooms are not accessible and will not be rented to other people, so you will have the villa for private.

Rental and price information

The villa is rented private (the rooms you don't use will not be rented to other guests) with staff and all included luxuries. If desired, meals are served 3 x per day for you. The groceries are done for you (at local prices that are very low compared to the European), the beds will be made and the dishes and cleaning will be done for you. In short, a vacation where you do not have to do anything and can just enjoy!

You hire the villa full service

Our full service means that staff are available 6 days a week and 8 hours per day to take of daily tasks for you. The staff consists of a hostess/cook/housekeeper and a gardener, who also ensures the daily cleaning of the pool and the security (that is available during night hours when other staff has returned home, given the low level of crime, it is almost unnecessary but is certainly useful for possible calamities!).

Prices are inclusive

Free unlimited water
Use of the WiFi modem (upgrade costs are not included)
Linen and towels

The rent is exclusive energy. The energy price at normal consumption is € 3 per day per person, it is settled with the security deposit of € 250,- per week.

Among others available in the area:
Laundry service
Massage/beauty specialist for treatments in the spa area of the villa
Chauffeur for trips across the island and transportation to and from the airport (approximately 650,000 rp/€44.-)
Scooter rent (approximately 60,000 rp/€4.- per day)

Within 3 working days of booking, you must deposit 35% of the rent. After the deposit, your booking is final. The remainder of the rental price, with a safety deposit of 250 euros per week, must be paid for 12 weeks before the date of arrival. You will receive the safety deposit within 2 weeks upon departure from the villa, minus the energy costs and any damage back.

Departure and arrival time
On the day of arrival you are welcome starting from 3pm and upon departure you must leave the villa before 10 am.

You have to take care of cancellation and travel insurance yourself.