Our Surroundings


After a 10 minute ride from the villa you will find the hidden beach of Pasir Putih (white sand beach), a secluded, beautiful, white sandy beach that is surrounded by coconut palm trees. Pasir Putih is a five hundred meter long crescent beach. At the beach there are about half a dozen warungs that are made with bamboo and palm trees. Here you can order refreshing drinks or enjoy a delicious lunch of freshly caught seafood or fish by the residents. Also, sun beds and umbrellas can be rented here for reasonable prices. At the end of the beach, the traditional red, blue, green and yellow striped fishing boats are ready to catch your lunch in the early hours for the next day. A very beautiful and peaceful beach, which fortunately has not yet been found by the masses. To reach the sand beach of Pasir Putih, take the road to Candidasa to the village of Pelasi. The small road to the beach is located in the middle of the village, at the bottom of a narrow road between two houses. A small handwritten sign with the name of the Pasir Putih beach shows the way. Follow the road to a small area where you can park your car or moped and continue by foot. 

7km from the villa


After a 5 min drive from the villa you can find the fishing port of Ujung, it is situated in front of the entrance of the famous water palace of Ujung. When you drive or walk there by around 8 in the morning you can see countless fishing boats enter the port. The fish are taken from the nets and given to the women, who in turn try to sell them. You can buy mackerel here and ask the ladies in the villa to prepare you something tasty. 

2km from the villa


It is almost literally in the backyard of the villa, this was also an outdoor residence for the last king and was built at the same time as Tirtagangga. It was damaged during the last earthquake of 1963, but was recently very nicely renovated. 

2km from the villa


Certainly worth the trip is the water palace of Tirtaganga that is within a 10 minute drive of the villa. It was a former residence for the former king and was built in 1947. 

9km from the villa


A short distance away is Amed, which was once a fishing village. Now it is especially known for its diving and snorkel locations and traditional salt extraction. The Jemeluk Bay east of Amed is famous for its colorful coral gardens and the many fishes that can be seen during snorkeling. You will also find plenty of nice restaurants in Amed, where you can also have a drink on one of the many terraces with a view of the sea. 

19km from the villa


Just after Candidasa turn right, after a few kilometers you will reach the historic village of Tenganan. Due to being closed off and its two parallel streets, Tenganan is different from other Balinese villages. Here the Aga live, the original inhabitants of Bali. These people are not allowed to marry outside of their village. They still live traditionally and here you are allowed to see everything even inside various homes you are welcome. They are craftsmen. The Ago don't sell cheap tourist souvenirs, but only what they have themselves manufactured, which are often qualitatively excellent products for reasonable prices. The dead are not cremated but are buried naked and facing down. very special for the Hindu-culture, where diseased are typically burned. 

18km from the villa

Gunung Batur

A 2 hour walk to the Gunung Batur (volcano) is recommended. This is another moderately active volcano and at the foot of this volcano lies, Danau Batur, Bali's largest freshwater lake, which is an attraction in itself. This is where the Bali Aga live, the original inhabitants of Bali. Due to the heat, walks often start in the early morning. At the top it is possible to have a breakfast of baked bananas and cooked eggs that have been prepared using the natural heat of the volcano. After descending, Toya Binkah's hot springs provide relaxation for your tired limbs. 

58km from the villa

Trunyan bij Lake Batur (Bali Aga Village)

The Bali Aga village is inhabited by the Bali Aga, the original Balinese. You can only go there by boat. The village is known for its Pura Puser Jagat, a temple with a special architecture near a huge incense tree, which is said to be over 1100 years old. The insides of the temple cannot be viewed. The inhabitants have a special method of burial, for us rather macabre funeral practices. Instead of cremating the bodies like the present Balinese, bodies are placed in bamboo cages under the incense tree, where they putrefy. The smell that this gives off is masked by the smell that is given off by the tree. 

58km from the villa


Kintamani is also easy to drive to from the villa. From here you have a spectacular view of the crater lake of Gunung Batur. This lake is an important source of water for agriculture in Central and Eastern Bali. The road from the villa is also a feast for nature lovers. The Balinese believe that the beauty of the lake is protected by the lake goddess, Ida Betari Dewi Ulun Danu. And our conclusion: she's doing that very well! 

56km from the villa


The waterfall of the east, Tegenungan, this waterfall is unique for its untamed and green surroundings and its strong water current, perfect for swimming and enjoying the fresh water.

58km from the villa


It takes a 30 minute ride from the villa to reach Amed from where you can take the ferry to the Gili islands. This makes it very suitable to include the Gili Islands in your holiday plans for a couple of days. The Gili Islands are an island group just off the coast of Lombok. Here you will find beautiful snorkeling and diving locations and the most beautiful beaches in the region. Therefore, it is of no surprise that the Gili Islands are becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination. The largest Island is Gili Trawangan and here the best hotels can be found. A real recommendation to include in your holiday stay on Bali. 


Candidasa is a small fishing village that is within 15 minutes of driving from the villas. During the seventies, tourism has grown significantly and as a result Candidasa has continuously built more hotels and resorts. .

Candidasa is especially known for its delicious seafood and traditional Balinese dishes that you can order at the many restaurants. Along the beach of Candidasa there are many restaurants where you can enjoy these dishes with a view of the sea. Of course, for those who do not like local cuisine, there are more than enough restaurants to order Western or Chinese dishes from.

Candidasa does not have a vibrant entertainment center like Kuta. Nonetheless, in the center of Candidasa there are several bars, cafés and clubs to be found, where you can have a drink in the evenings.

11km from the villa


Within walking distance of the villa the water source Tirta Ujung can be found hidden between rice fields and the river. It is a nice little walk of around half an hour. Take your swimsuit along for a refreshing dip, the water is filtered naturally and never stays still. At the small shop you can also buy water or soda, in the weekends it can be busier because the Balinese people also like to go for a swim there.

3km from the villa


When you drive to Candidasa from the villa, you will always pass Monkey Hill, the monkeys are waiting there for you and always hope for some attention. When you park your vehicle here, you can also choose to climb the mountain via hundreds of stairs. At the end awaits you a truly stunning view of the entire coast of east Bali.

8km from the villa


Amlapura is the largest city of east Bali and is located 4km from the villas, it was originally called Karangasem, but after the volcano eruption in 1963 the city wanted to start again with a clean state, a new name would bring more luck. Visiting the large spice market is very much worth it, it is open every morning up until around 11am. Amlapura was well known for its palaces and royal gardens, but they were largely destroyed by the volcano. Fortunately, the damage could be fixed and the palace Puri Agung, where the king of Karangasem once settled, has once again become accessible to the public. Also in the center of this city you will find an immensely large Hardy's supermarket (similar to Makro) with a wide variety of food and non-food products.

3km from the villa

Padang Bai

Wonderful place to snorkel and dive. From Padang Bai, multiple ferries leave for Lembar on Lombok. There are also speedboats that leave to Gili Trawangan, Gilli meno, Gilli Air. It's nice to spend your time here, especially because of the three beautiful beaches and the great restaurants. The three beaches can be found as follows: the one at the ferry, the middle one is called Main Beach, on the left of the temple, the Blue Lagoon. The beach on the right is the Bias Tugal.

26km from the villa


Tulamben is a small town that is especially suitable for anyone that wants to enjoy the sun, sea and beach, but does not like crowds of tourists. Besides this, Tulamben is famous among divers, because here the wreckage of the American transport ship Liberty is lying. Under supervision you can dive here. 

28km from the villa

Pura Lempuyang

When you drive from the villa (a quarter of an hour) towards Tirtagangga, you drive through a mountainous area with many sawas. A few kilometers after Abang, move off the main road and follow the sign Pura Lempuyang. The road becomes very steep, but certainly not scary. The Gunung Lempuyang is 1058 m tall in total and one of the mother temples of Bali, but using the car of the driver or with a scooter, it is easily doable. The temple actually consists of 6 temples, ranging from large to small. The first temple, the largest, is the most important, from which you can get a wonderful overview of the beautiful east of Bali.

11km from the villa


The Gunung Agung is a 3,142 meter high, moderately active volcano. This volcano plays an important role in the religious life of all Balinese people. On this mountain also a lot of different temples are built, of which the Beaskih-complex is the best known. This is a large complex of 22 temples. The Balinese believe that the spirits of their ancestors live here. The complex was built in the 8th century and survived the 1963 volcano eruption. Now it is one of the most important places in modern Indonesian Hinduism.

32km from the villa

Goa Lawah Tempel (De Bat Cave tempel)

Coming from the villa you will find past Candidasa along the way the busy Goa Lawah Temple. It is a Hindu temple in a cave with thousands of bats. At sunset they fly out, a spectacular sight. It is always busy here and not just with tourists, almost every day there are ceremonies for the Balinese, and this is fun to observe.

32km from the villa


The dormant fishing village is not very special in itself, but at the village of Banyuning it is possible to snorkel / dive to a Japanese patrol boat that was sunk during World War II. It is really spectacular and very much worth it, and it's not too crowded either.

19km from the villa


Padangbai is a 30 minute drive away from the villa, from where you can take a ferry to Lombok. This makes it possible to include Lombok for a few days in your vacation plans. The landscape of Lombok is hilly and, like Bali, there is a large volcano, the Gunung Rinjani. On Lombok you will find beautiful rice fields, that alternate with rugged mountains and long strips of white beaches. The population consists of Hindu Balinese and Islamic Sasaks. Lombok attracts more tourists through its natural beauty than its culture. Tourism on Lombok is much less developed than on Bali, but the island is easily accessible.

East Bali

TNowadays, the beautiful green nature and tranquil surroundings are the attractions of the east of Bali. Here you can still find authentic villages and seaside towns where time has stood still. Nonetheless, there is plenty to do in the area.

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